Hello world!

Well it is official, we will be moving to Nicaragua in less than a month.  I have told all my family and friends, given notice at work and started packing.

We have been talking about the move ever since we bought the house in November of 2010 and while I am super excited about finally living in Nicaragua it is a little scary also.  What if we don’t like it once we are there, what if my spanish never gets past the competency of a 5-year-old, what if I never get a grasp of the local currency and end up paying $100 for 2 tomatoes every time I go to the market?  Lots of scary questions but if you “what if” enough you will never leave the house, much less the country.

A little bit of background…………me and my boyfriend started looking for a house in another country in 2010 after a trip to Costa Rica.  We met quite a few expats living there and really liked the idea but the prices in Costa Rica are crazy insane now, it is cheaper to buy in Florida.  We decided to expand our search and after considering Ecuador, Guatemala, Belize and Panama we settled on Nicaragua.  We made our first trip to Nicaragua in 2010, we were there for only 1 & 1/2 weeks and after a few quick tours with various real estate agents we bought a house on the beach. 

Luckly the house came with a caretaker and his family who have been godsends getting us aclimated to life in Nicaragua, everything from killing scorpions for me to showing us where to pay the power bill, to explaining no that is not cheese (turns out what I though was cheese was a mix the locals boil with water to make a drink, good thing, it was awful cheese).  The fact that they speak no English is good also, we have to learn Spanish in order to communicate.  The house is located about 1 hour outside of Granada in a town called La Boquita it is right on the beach and within walking distance of a small fishing village where you can buy the catch of the day right off the boat or order it from one of the many restaurants on the beach.  A great place to watch the sun set while enjoying a few adult beverages.


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