Too Much Stuff

Another day closer to the move and I am overwhelmed (has anyone ever been underwhelmed) with the amount of stuff I have accumulated.  How did this happen?  I lived on a circus train for the last five years, where did all this stuff come from?  Why did I think I needed it?  Do I really need 24 plates and 30 glasses, there are just  two of us.  Why did I buy over 50 pairs of black shoes?  I have made many trips to goodwill in the past weeks but now I am down to things I have some attachment to but no real reason to keep.  It is getting harder and harder to fill up those boxes even though I know I will have no need for these things in Nicaragua.  I am trying to come up with a scenario where I would need a pair of leather Jimmy Choo boots with 3 inch heels but nothing comes to mind so they have to go.  My favorite winter coat will have no place down their either but I’m sure I can get a lot of use from my blue strappy sundress. I have always considered myself a light packer when it came to vacations (2 weeks in Greece with just 1 small carry on) but now that it is a permanent move everything changes.  Trying to fit my life into 2 suitcases that weigh under 50 lbs. has turned out to be harder than  I anticipated.  I just have to keep asking myself what is irreplaceable?  Anyone have any ideas?  What would you take with you if you were moving to another country?  In the past it would have been photos and books but now that is all digital.  Even though I know I can buy anything I need once I get down there it is still hard to throw away so much of my life from the states.  Has anyone else done this, any thoughts?


One thought on “Too Much Stuff

  1. Hey there,
    Figured I would respond on your blog.
    I would say get to the borders as early as possible, they can take up a better part of your day. The borders will be full of people that say they want to help you, however they just want something generally money from you, if his spanish is good he should be able to do all the paper work and crap with hardly any issues. If it’s not so good I say pick one man and make him work for you, make sure he is firm with what he is willing to pay and stand his ground with confidence, don’t let them know you need their help more like you just want it!
    Drive for as much day light hours as possible, don’t drive much passed 7pm. Know where you are at all times, it is really easy to get lost. We had two maps and a couple lonely planet books I highly recommend getting some, maps as well. Make photo copies of his documents like 10 of all, don’t ever give anyone your original anything. Go to AAA and get an international drivers license and show them that. I hope that helps, good luck to your boyfriend. If you gave any other questions just ask happy to help.

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