I have been in Nicaragua for 1 week now and starting to settle into a rhythm.  One of the things I really like about living down here is we have a caretaker who takes care of cleaning the house and doing our laundry, it is really nice not having to do that myself and it also gives me a lot more free time.  While a great deal of this is spent on the beach or in our pool I am also trying to master cooking in Nicaragua.  The first couple of times we came down everything I made turned out horrible.  Having never used a gas stove and working with fruits and vegetables I had never seen before made for some “memorable” dinners but not in a good way.  Also trying to make a lot of the same things I did in the states was frustrating because of the lack of available ingredients, does anyone know where to get goat cheese???  I have now made friends with the stove and some online research and experimentation with local ingredients, along with advice from our caretaker’s wife have lead to some fairly good meals.  Now instead of dreading having to cook and how it is going to turn out I am actually enjoying my time in the kitchen.  I still haven’t given up on adapting some of my favorite recipes from the states to Nica friendly versions but the new stuff I am coming up with is really good too.  Samuel, the caretaker’s 6 year old son told me I am no longer a bad cook so I think I am headed in the right direction.


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