Mike and Mark’s great central american adventure

Well the Honda is packed and the guys are ready to go but tragedy struck.  At around 8:00 pm the night before they are leaving Mark’s passport is missing, he is sure he put it in the glove box but it is no longer in there.  We take everything out, go thru it one piece at the time but no passport.  It’s not in the glove box, the center console, the side door console or under the seat, it is time to panic.  Mark is sure he put it in the glove box so one last check with a flashlight and we can see it solidly wedged behind the glove box and about 3 inches out of reach.  After several minutes that seemed like hours Mike was able to get his hand behind the glove box from the bottom and pull it out.  Yea!! the trip is back on schedule.

The next morning the guys set out on the two-day drive to the first border crossing.  They arrive at the Mexican border on Sunday morning, yes we have read to try to hit them on week days but Macy’s (the dog) paperwork didn’t arrive soon enough to make that happen.  Mike thought they would still be able to cross but it would just be slower.  This was not the case.  They got across the border but one of the checkpoints they had to go thru to get the paperwork for the vehicle was closed, not slow but completely closed.  So it is back across the border to spend the day in lovely Brownsville TX and try again the next day which is a Monday.

It turns out that waiting until Monday turned out to be a godsend.  Mike & Mark met a couple traveling all the way to South America with a dog who have already done this several times and speak fluent Spanish and are nice enough to let the guys follow along.  Mike has documented their adventure at the following link http://www.nicaliving.com/node/20226.

We are all here in Nicaragua now and settling into life in Central America.  No internet at the house yet because you have to have residency to sign a contract and Claro requires a contract for internet.


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