The first month

We have been here a little over a month now and things are going well.  We have the business up and running and showing a profit for the first month, very small but at least we are not in the negative.  We are going to have to show more profit if we are going to be able to stay in Nicaragua but we are headed in the right direction.  We have been reluctant to spend much money on the house that wasn’t absolutely necessary so a lot of projects are on hold.  I have been concentrating mainly on cooking and Mike has decided to strip all the windows in the house, the last owner painted all the wooden windows brown so he wants to strip them down to the wood and just put polyurethane over them for protection.  I have to admit the one he has done looks really good and it keeps him from wandering around the house looking for things to do.

 I made my first real batch of cheese today after doing a small test batch the other week.  It won’t be ready until tomorrow but I am looking forward to having something I can use to make lasagna.  I also found recipes for home make crackers and really good humus made from black beans which are readily available and cheap down here.  Last night we had stingray in a roasted garlic cream sauce which was wonderful.  I’m guessing most people are turning up their noses at stingray but it is really good.  You may have had it and not known it because it is one of the things some restaurants will use to make fake scallops and it taste just like scallops.

We had some new neighbors move in a few miles down on Wednesday.  They are teachers and able to spend the summers here in Nicaragua and then back to Canada for the school year.  It is great seeing other expats moving into our area, while we do have several friends in Granada that is a long drive just to visit someone so it will be nice to have another couple to hang out with  We have started Spanish lessons but in true nica fashion our teacher is unable to show up for just about every other class so they are going slowly and he is the only Spanish teacher in the area so if I fire him we will have to drive all the way into Granada for classes so I am hoping he will still work out.

I have gone over our spending for the first month, we had set a budget of $1000 per month for normal expenses; food, power, water, salary for the caretaker, basically everything not related to the business or legal expenses to get our residency here.  I was hoping that we had set it high and would come in way under but right now we are only about $70 under, hopefully next month we can beat that, I would like to get it down closer to $700 which I think is doable, we just have to stay out of La Colonial when we go to Granada, they do have cheaper beer and cigarettes than the local pulparias here but we always end up buying other stuff that we shouldn’t, if we could only get the Tona truck to stop at our house J.


One thought on “The first month

  1. Hi. We bought a piece of land not far from you in Huehuete. We don’t know when we are going to build though. What is your business? When we were property hunting, we stayed at El Casino and completely fell in love with the way they cook the fish. Have you mastered that yet? If so, please share!!!
    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

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