What is Nicaragua like? Part 1


People often ask me, what is Nicaragua like?  I usually tell them how great the weather is, how friendly the people are and that every day is an adventure, you never know what you will see but on a recent drive to Managua I decided it would be better to show what Nicaragua is like instead of trying to describe it, sometimes there are no words for what you see here.  This picture is a perfect example:


A guy riding on the back of a pickup truck driving down the highway.  He couldn’t sit up front because there are already two passengers up there and the law requires that each person in the front seat wear a seatbelt.  But this is not the strangest part of the picture.  If you look at what is in the left side of the truck you will see a pig.


I have seen pigs riding in the back of trucks, inside the 3 wheeled motos they use for taxis here and even tied to the back of a chicken bus in a sack.  You see them wandering out in the road, out on the beach trying to steal fish from fishermen and I even saw a girl walking a small pig on a leash.  I have been told that the reason you don’t see the really big ones is because once they get very large people will steal them so the owners keep them inside their houses.  I can’t wait to visit someone and find a pig in the living room .


But don’t get the idea Nicaragua is a completely backwards third world country, we do have our amenities’ as well.  We have modern convenience stores:


Large air conditioned grocery stores:


And upscale shopping malls:


But you can avoid all of these if you choose to because you can buy just about anything from your car window at a stoplight.


Hungry?  This guy is selling mango slices and several guys at the next light will probably be selling cashews and there will be someone with water as well.  The girl below is selling some type of cooked food prepared right on the side of the road.  You can tell she is planning on being there for a while; she brought her hammock with her.


 But don’t think food is the only thing available, if you drove around long enough you could probably find everything you need.


This girl is selling candy and window decals.  I have seen cell phones, medicine, car seats, stuffed animals and many more things I can’t remember for sale on the side of the road.  But vendors are not the only thing at stoplights, we also have entertainment


How often do you see someone juggling fire sticks at a stoplight?  I have also seen acrobats, window washers and just plain beggars.  Every stoplight is an adventure.


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