Domestic Help

While growing up in a middle class family in the US and having to do “chores” as a child I used to always wish we were rich and could afford a maid.  Well living in Nicaragua you don’t have to be rich to have one and we have a caretaker who takes care of the grounds and provides security at night and his wife cleans the house for us.  There are definite advantages to this and I love being able to have domestic help but there are also some cons as well.  I don’t want to sound like a whiney princess just give you an idea of the pros as well as the cons.

The pros are rather obvious,

They do the work so we don’t have to and they do a better job than I would.

We have security at night, the caretaker gets up 3 times a night to walk the property and he has contacts in the community so he knows when other properties have been experiencing problems.

They don’t speak English so we have no choice but to learn Spanish.

They will dog sit for us if we want to be gone for a few days.

They have lived in the area for most of their lives and know where to get things locally.  If I forget to buy eggs at the grocery store they know where to get some here so I don’t have to drive 17 miles to Diramba.

Now the cons:

They live (in a separate house) on property so they are here 24 hours a day, while they normally are only in our house during the day they may pop up in the evenings as well.  You really have no privacy.

Even though we bought a washing machine because we were tired of having our clothes “washed to death” on the concrete wash sink if I don’t wash the clothes in what they consider a timely manner they will do it for me.  They just don’t understand we don’t want our clothes threadbare and stiff as a board.

When they clean they really clean, they move all the furniture out of the room when they mop which is fine except I was sitting there, I just got up to go to the bathroom and when I come back the room is empty.

All that being said the pros far outweigh the cons and I am very happy to have them, they are a very trustworthy family and make our life here in Nicaragua much more enjoyable.  I just never considered all those years ago when I dreamed of having a maid that I would miss being able to walk around my house in my underwear.


3 thoughts on “Domestic Help

  1. Great post! I know how you feel, in India our maids just walk into the bedrooms and start sweeping- I was alarming at first haha. I just googled Nicaragua because I had never heard of it before- it looks so beautiful!!

    • LOL, ours won’t do that, they won’t even come upstairs if they know we are up there. I checked out your blog, you have an incredible story unfolding right now. I admire how you are willing to let love take control and follow where it leads, you are going to have an amazing life 🙂

      • Awww thank you so much!! That means a lot to me :).

        It feels so weird to have maids but I guess we will have to get used to it. I never imagined I would have domestic help but there we go.

        I hope you have an amazing time and good luck learning Spanish. I hope to read more of your posts soon!!!

        Take care x

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