Electricity, or lack of it

Living here on the beach in Nicaragua we experience frequent power outages.  When the electric company is doing any work on the power lines they just turn the power off while they do it, usually for about 4 or 5 hours and always during daylight hours. Not having power for a few hours down here is no big deal, but the other day we had an outage that lasted 22 hours.  It really drove my husband crazy since he had projects planned and needed his power tools.  A lot of our friends have generators but we have not yet found one necessary.  I remember reading an article on the internet written by a woman in the US about how her family “survived” a three day power outage during the middle of the summer and I found it very amusing how much more necessary electricity is in the US than it is down here.  We don’t have air conditioning or a hot water heater, our stove is propane  (that is the norm down here), our house has lots of windows  and doors to let in light and breezes from the ocean.  We were able to go about our daily lives with pretty much no disruption (except for the power tools).  I was able to sit in the living room and read a book, take my normal lukewarm shower, cook meals in my kitchen, we had friends stop by and had cocktails out on the porch,  Since we have just recently gotten internet at the house I didn’t really miss it and we usually only watch TV at night but since I had enough battery power on my computer we were able to watch movies I had downloaded from the internet.  In short, not having power here didn’t affect us the way it would have in the states.  There I would have been lost without electricity for a day.  How would I charge my cell phone, heat up my microwaveable Lean Cuisines, (or even cook since my stove was electric) or check my email.  Houses there are not designed to be without electricity, you need air conditioning because even if you could get a nice breeze by leaving your doors and windows open all night how many people would feel safe doing that, there are no water storage tanks allowing the water to be heated by the sun so you need a water heater, the water coming out of the pipes comes from underground and it is cold. While I have no intention of ever going “off the grid” it is nice to know that the lack of electricity has very little affect on us here.  I will admit I was very glad when it came back on because even being very careful to only open the fridge when absolutely necessary the beer was starting to get a little warm.


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